Plate Press Brake Machine for Bending Sheet Metal

Our Hydraulic Press Brake Machines are fully tested to ensure high-quality equipment is provided for our excellent customers.

With powerful features and incredible performance, the Hydraulic Press Brake range is perfect for your sheet metal bending needs.

All of our CNC Press Brakes come supplied by InRyant CNC Tech with a 2 years warranty.

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All steel welded mono-block construction, ensuring minimum deflection under load
CE certified – includes light curtain safety barriers, side and rear mechanical safety guards with interlock switches
Adjustable mechanical Cams to set the upper position & work speed change point
Motorized ram stroke control incorporating precision mechanical depth-stops and adjustable
Gooseneck top tool and multi V bottom tool
Motorized back gauge including 2 off tiltable finger stops
Gauge and adjustable pressure switch allowing simple control of tonnage settings
The motorized setting of mechanical depth stops incorporated above the cylinders
Dwell time adjustment
X2 off front sheet Support Arms with tilting stops
selector switch for single or auto cycle operation of the beam
Hydraulic and electric overload protection
Moveable foot pedal control
Pendant control panel
Intermediate clamping for euro/System Top Tooling
Bottom multi vee/ or euro style
Full Top Euro tooling with additional 800mm section for segmenting
Ball screw for back gauge assembly
Instructions and maintenance manuals
Service kit

Our Premium Press Brakes also have their control panel conveniently placed on the right-hand side of the unit in immediate reach of the operator. It also comes with the following: Key switch on-off, Delem DA-41 CNC Control for depth axis (angle programming) and back gauge control, hydraulics Rexroth/Hoerbiger valve system.

Save up to 100 programs and up to 25 bends per program with the Delem DA-41 control. Control beam stop, back gauge, input angle and tool programming, retract all from the Delem DA-41 control system.

  •  About InRyant Press Breaks

InRyant Hydraulic Press Brakes are tools for bending sheet and plate material, most commonly sheet metal. It forms predetermined bends by clamping the workpiece between a matching punch and die.

There are 2 cylinders on the sides of the press brake, connected to a table at the bottom and on a movable beam at the top. The bottom tool is mounted on the table, with the top tool mounted on the upper beam.

The whole machine is made in sheet plate Mono Block welded structure, to provide high strength and good rigidity and ensuring minimum deflection under load.

Double hydraulic oil cylinder is applied for upper transmission, and synchronous torsion bar, typical for stable and reliable operation, as well as high precision.

Ball screw and linear guide rails are used for rear-end stop, to ensure the positioning precision of the rear backstop.

Our press brakes are perfect for working within the sheet metal industry, giving us the ability to quickly produce parts

  •  What Type Of Industries & Markets Use Press Brakes
  1. Marine engineering
  2. Mechanical fabrication
  3. Steel fabricators
  4. Construction
  5. Automotive engineering
  6. Sign making
  7. General construction
  8. Aerospace engineering
  •  What Types Of Tooling Hydraulic Press Brakes Use?

V-dies, the most common type, bottom dies can be made with different-sized openings to handle a variety of materials and bends.
Rotary bending dies, a cylindrical shape with an 88 degree V-notch cut along its axis and is seated in the “saddle” of the punch. The die is an anvil over which the rocker bends the sheet.
90 degree dies – largely used for bottoming operations. The die opening dimension depends on material thickness.
Acute angle (air-bending) dies – used in air bending, these can also be used to produce acute, 90 degrees, and obtuse angles by varying how deeply the punch enters the die by adjusting the ram.
Gooseneck (return-flanging) dies – The punch is designed to allow for clearance of already formed flanges.
Offset dies—a combination punch and die set that bends two angles in one stroke to produce a Z shape.
Hemming dies – two-stage dies combining an acute angle die with a flattening tool.
Seaming dies – there are a number of ways to build dies to produce seams in sheets and tubes.

  • We Supply Press Brake Tooling For Other Brands

We can supply Euro-spec tools for Press Brake Machines such as:

Adira, Amada, CMU, Safan, Guifil, Promecam, Kingsland, Durmazlar, Durma, Ermak, Ermaksan, Edwards Pearson, Morgan Rushworth, Rico, Shemach, Jean Perrot, Dener, K & B, Cressex, AFM, Ajail, Mebusa, Haco, Dener, Warcom, Gasparini, Imal, Mecos, Megobal, Megoform, Atlantic, CR Electronic, Baykal, Jordi, Elga, YSD, Toyokoki, Carter, Mantech

These Euro-Spec tools are available off the shelf in three standard lengths: 835mm, 415mm and 835mm segmented.

Popular Press Brakes that use Euro-spec tools include:

Adira – is a press brake that uses the Euram range of press brake tools. The Adira is a European manufactured press brake that takes Euro-spec tooling.

Amada – is a press brake that uses the Euram range of press brake tools. The Amada is a Japanese manufactured press brake that takes Euro-spec tooling.

Durma – is a press brake that uses the Euram range of press brake tools. The Durma is a European manufactured press brake that takes Euro-spec tooling.

Promecam – is a press brake that uses the Euram range of press brake tools. The Promecam is a European manufactured press brake that takes Euro-spec tooling.

InRyant’s range of Hydraulic Press Breaks come in sizes from 1.6 m up to 6 m with weights of 30T to 600T. Looking for something not listed give us a call to speak with one of our experienced Sales Technicians.

Purchasing a Press Brake can be a complicated process, however, we make it easy, our in-house experts can help you through the process to make it a simple process for you. This is where our Technical Sales team will help you make the right choice.

Why not give us a call on +8613265157984 or emails us: info(at)