Basic operation of the shearing machine

In recent years, the yield of CNC machines continues to increase in China, and the CNC control rate has also significantly improved. On the other hand, the technical level and quality of CNC products in China have also been continuously improved. At present, the production of a part of universal numerical control machines in our country has been established at a certain scale, and the indicators of technical performance of the products are more mature and the price is reasonable, which has certain competitiveness in the international market. The five-axis linked numerical control technology that we have mastered in China’s numerical control machine industry is more mature, and there has been mature commodity toward the market.
As a common piece of equipment among numerical control machinery, the shearer is operated with a counterbond form clutch structure and an open gear transmission, and with more advanced appliances (footswitch, manual switch), noise is easy to maintain. Weld structure with all steel, simple structure, easy operation, aesthetic modeling and low energy consumption. It is widely used in metallurgical, lightworkers, machinery, hardware, motors, appliances, automotive repair, hardware manufacturing and other metal sheet processing industries. The press cell is compactly pressed against the bench by a shearing plate material so as not to generate movement and beating upon shearing. The platen is set on two screws and fitted with nuts on the screws, so that the platen is tightly pressed against the bench due to the action of springs, and when the upper knife frame runs upward, the platen is also moved upward under the guidance of two double-headed screws, so that the feed can undergo re shearing. As the upper knife frame runs down, the platens first press on the plate prior to shearing to facilitate shearing.
Method of shearer maintenance:
1. The procedures were performed in strict accordance with the operating protocol.
2. Time, setpoint, and quantify the lubricating oil according to lubricating diagram requirements before each power on, and the oil should be clean without precipitation.
3. The machine tools must be kept constantly clean, and portions of the paint left antirust of grease.
4. Lubricating rippling oil within the motor bearings to replace the refill regularly and check frequently that the parts of the appliance are working properly and safely.
5. Periodically check that the triangular belt, handles, knobs, keys are damaged, those with severe wear should be replaced promptly, and spare parts reported.
6. Routinely inspect repair switches, insurance, handles and keep them working.
7. Every day for 10 min before work, the machine was added for lubrication and scrubbing to clean the machine.
8. Nonspecified personnel are strictly prohibited from operating the equipment, and off-pump stops must be done routinely.
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