There are many kinds of hydraulic press can be provided to meet your special requirments. We mainly provide you Composite Hydraulic Press, Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press, Powder Forming Hydraulic Press, Door Embossing Hydraulic Press.

Hydraulic Press Machine

Y71 Series Composite SMC hydraulic press
  • Environmentally friendly, low noise and easy maintenance
  • Slow speed pressure forming, reasonable reserved exhaust time
  • The quick response of system, numerical control system

Y71 Series Composite SMC BMC Hydraulic Press also called hydraulic composites molding press, is applied in compression molding of composites material such as SMC, BMC, FRP, GRP and so on.
Machines Capacity: 1000t – 4000t

Y27 Series Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press
  • Fast response speed and high transmission efficiency
  • High precision, long lifetime and high reliability
  • Quick stretching and forming of sheet metal

Y27 Series Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press is mainly suitable for sheet metal part processes such as stretching, bending, crimping, forming, blanking, punching, correction, etc.
Machines Capacity: 200t – 1250t

YQ32 Series Powder forming hydraulic press
  • Stable operation and fast speed
  • Corrosion protection and Quality control
  • utomatic feeding

YQ32 Series Powder forming hydraulic press is characterized by stable operation and fast speed, which can reach a single cycle of 15 seconds, and the accessories used by the machine can be more resistant to corrosion. It is suitable for mass production.
Machines Capacity: 100t – 800t

Y32 Series Anti-theft door embossing hydraulic press
  • Good system rigidity and high precision
  • High life and high reliability
  • Heavy-duty machine body design

This machine is mainly suitable for metal door embossing. The equipment has good system rigidity and high precision, high life and high reliability. The embossing process for sheet metal parts meets 3 shifts/day production.
Machines Capacity: 1500t – 4000t

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