We provide cutting machines, such as: hydraulic shearing machine, includes hydraulic swing beam shear and hydraulic guillotine shear; plasma cutting machine, includes table plasma cutter, gantry Plasma Cutter and portable plasma cutter; V grooving machine includes gantry V Groover and Vertical V Groover.

Cutting Machines

HSB Series Heavy Duty Hydraulic NC Swing Beam Shear
  • Single point blade clearance
  • Swing up or away back gauge
  • Finger guard, ball transfers and holddawns

HSB hydraulic swing beam shearing machine combines performance and simplicity. The hydraulic shears for sale are engineered to have the most optimized cutting angle which provides the least distortion when cutting the widest variety of materials. The low cutting angle on this type of shears allows limiting sheet metal twists and bows.
Cutting Capacity: 0.5mm – 12mm
Cutting Width:1600mm – 4000mm

HVS Series CNC Hydraulic Various Angle CNC Guillotine Shear
  • Three-point support rolling guide (Lower eccentric shaft, front support shaft, upper eccentric shaft)
  • Adjustable cutting angle, different cutting angles are applied for cutting plates with different thicknesses
  • Suitable for cutting thicker plates with better cutting quality

HVS Series CNC Hydraulic Various Angle CNC Guillotine Shear is the second generation hydraulic guillotine plate shears.
Cutting Capacity: 0.5mm – 30mm
Cutting Width:1600mm – 9000mm

PL Series CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
  • Cutting area is very wide
  • Affordable factory direct price
  • High efficiency, stable performance and long service life.

PL Series CNC Plasma Cutting Machine includes Desktop plasma cutter( DPL), Portable plasma cutter(PPL), and Gantry plasma cutter(GPL).

At InRyant CNC Tech, we are able to cut your items with CNC flame and plasma from 10 to 200 mm in thickness.

GVG series Gantry V Groover
  • Rapid positioning, accurate feeding
  • Devices with a high efficiency
  • Energy-saving and high-quality

V grooving machine is widely used in curtain wall constructing, elevator making, internal decoration, door/window fabrication, the finished sheet metal can get a nice, sharp corner after V cutting.

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