A plate rolling machine is a machine that will roll different kinds of sheet metal into a round or conical shape. It can be also called a “roll bending machine”, “plate bending machine” or “rolling machine”.

Plate Rolling Machine

W11 Mechanical 3-roller symmetrical Rolling machine
  • Three roller symmetrical type
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Economical

W11 series mechanical symmetrical 3-roller rolling machine has 3 symmetrically arranged rolls and the upper roll is located at the center of two lower rolls.

A worm and gear drive and a screw rod and screw auxiliary drive are used to drive rolls to move vertically.

Rolling thickness: 4mm – 30mm
Bending Width:1500mm – 4000mm

W11S Hydraulic 3-roller symmetrical Rolling machine
  • High precision edge pre-bending
  • Able to bend O, U, multi-section R shape, etc
  • Cone bending device for conical bend easily

W11S Hydraulic 3-roller symmetrical Rolling machine is a universal plate rolling machine.

It is a special equipment to roll the plate into curve, cylinder, conical in the principle of the three-point circle under normal temperature.

Rolling thickness: 12mm – 160mm
Bending Width:2000mm – 4000mm

W12 series 4 Rolls Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machine
  • Easy to operate, various rolling method
  • High efficiency and energy saving
  • Pre-bend and cone bending device

W12 series 4 Roll Hydraulic Plate Bending Machines widely used for the pre-bending and tube rolling in the industry of pressure vessels, machinery, hydropower, construction, etc.

Meanwhile, this 4 rolls rolling machine also have a roundness correction and leveling function.

Rolling thickness: 12mm – 40mm
Bending Width:2000mm – 4000mm

W24 series Angle Rolls Machines
  • High-efficiency
  • Full function
  • High rolling quality

W24 series Angle Rolls Machines is also called Profile Bending Machine.

We can bend square and round profiles, tubes, and pipes with the help of special rolls (molds).

The angle roll bending machine works both vertically and horizontally based on the end user’s specific needs.

TB series Hydraulic Tube Bender Machine
  • High performance
  • High efficiency
  • High safety

TB series Hydraulic Tube Bender Machine is able to bend steel tube with diameters from φ38mm to φ189mm, for stainless steel tube, the max bending diameter can reach φ145mm.

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