How to install the laser cutting machine focusing lens correctly


Focusing lens installation method:
1. Open the protective film of the focusing lens of the laser cutter and place it in the palm of your hand, with the convex side of the lens facing up;
2. Pick up the focusing tube and carefully place it in the lens, covering the entire lens
important points: The convex side of the lens of the laser cutting machine cannot be reversed; the surface of the mirror must not be stained or fingerprinted.
3. After rotating left and right hands 180 degrees clockwise at the same time;
4. After depressurizing the lens, use a small steel ruler to tighten the lens nut to a suitable position;5.Install the jet cup on the focusing tube of the laser cutter
Key points: Put the steel ruler into the slot, rotate it slightly and tighten it, and the edge of the steel ruler cannot touch the lens lightly shake, the lens does not loosen.

The focusing lens, as one of the important parts of a laser cutting machine, directly affects the efficiency and quality of processing. After a long period of use, if the phenomenon of film falling, dents, scratches, etc. occurs, the function of the laser device will be greatly reduced. Therefore, if you want to use the function of the laser cutting machine normally, you need to change the lens in time. Therefore, how to correctly grasp the method of installing the focusing lens is also very important!