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JH21 Series High Speed Pneumatic Punching Machine

  • High Speed
  • Extremely Stable
  • High processing accuracy

The JH21 series C press is with dry clutch and hydraulic overloading with a steel welded body and good rigidity. This C frame power press has six guide rail slides, which have a long and high precision to prolong its life span. The press is controlled by PLC electric centralized system, which includes emergency stop, inch, single, continuous operation specification with a drive output shaft, automatic feeding, and air cushion device. It is equipped with a combined dry pneumatic friction clutch, so the engagement is smooth, the action is agile and the noise is low. And this crank press is of convenient maintenance. The vertical structure of the crank-shaft is compact and beautiful.

Punching Pressure: 25t – 400t

JH21 Series Pneumatic Open Back Press Machine Features
  • Welded body with steel plate and high intensity.
  • The main motor is made by Siemens.
  • Adopts combined pneumatic friction clutch and brake.
  • Cluster gear adopts the flooding oil lubrication.
  • Six-face rectangle lengthen guide; JH21-315B/400B adopts an eight-face lengthen guideway.
  • Equipped with hydraulic overload protecting device.
  • JF21-25/25B/45 adopts manual shut height adjustment, among these types JF21-25/45 adopts scale display and JF21-25B with digital display.
  • JF21-63 and above type adopts electric shut height adjustment with digital display.
  • JH21-45 can equip with a die set height adjustment motor, the value will be displayed by digital.
  • JF21-25B, JF21-45 and above type equipped with lifting balance cylinder.
  • Duplex valves imported.
  • Electric compelling grease lubrication system.
  • The balancing cylinder adopts a manual lubrication system.
  • One set of blowing devices.
  • Controlled by PLC with international brand.
  • Buttons, indicators, AC contactors, air circuit breakers and other controlling devices are imported from an international brand.
  • Equipped with optional air cushion device, automatic feed shaft and photoelectric protector, which can be used to work with various automatic equipment.
JH21 Series Pneumatic Open Back Press Machine Technical Specification
Nominal Strokemm334456
Slide Strokemm6080100120140160
Max. Die Heightmm200250270300320350
Die Height Adjustmentmm505060808080
Between Slide Center & Framemm160210230300300350
Bolster (FB×LR)mm300×680400×700440×810580×900580×1000680×1150
Bolster Opening (Up Hole Dia.×Dpth×Low Hole Dia.)mm130×260φ170×20×φ150φ180×30×φ160φ200×40×φ180φ200×40×φ180φ260×50×φ220
Bolster Thicknessmm7080110110120140
Bolster Opening (Dia./FB×LR)mm200×270260×250300×300390×460390×520420×540
Slide Area (FB×LR)mm270×330300×360340×410400×480420×560500×650
Shank Hole (Dia.×Dpth)mmφ40×60φ40×60φ40×60φ50×80φ50×80φ60×80
Between Columnsmm448450550560640760
Main Motor PowerkW335.55.57.511
Outline Size (FB×LR×H)mm1150×1050×20501300×1050×20501390×1200×24001580×1210×25201640×1280×27001850×1450×3060
Net Weightkg220026003450540070009340
Nominal Strokemm66668
Slide Strokemm160160180200200
Max. Die Heightmm350350390450430
Die Height Adjustmentmm80110110110120
Between Slide Center & Framemm350380390390420
Bolster (FB×LR)mm680×1150740×1300760×1400760×1400800×1400
Bolster Opening (Up Hole Dia.×Dpth×Low Hole Dia.)mmφ260×50×φ220φ300×50×φ260φ300×50×φ260φ300×50×φ260φ320×50×φ280
Bolster Thicknessmm140150160160170
Bolster Opening (Dia./FB×LR)mm420×540φ470φ470φ470370×570
Slide Area (FB×LR)mm540×680580×770600×800600×800650×850
Shank Hole (Dia.×Dpth)mmφ60×80φ65×85φ65×90φ65×90φ70×90
Between Columnsmm760850870870960
Main Motor PowerkW111518.518.522
Outline Size (FB×LR×H)mm1850×1490×30602280×1550×32402500×1580×33202500×1580×34202730×1640×3550
Net Weightkg990014500170001735023500
Nominal Strokemm8881010
Slide Strokemm250200250200250
Max. Die Heightmm500430550430550
Die Height Adjustmentmm120120120120120
Between Slide Center & Framemm420420460420490
Bolster (FB×LR)mm800×1400800×1400880×1600760×1400940×1800
Bolster Opening (Up Hole Dia.×Dpth×Low Hole Dia.)mmφ320×50×φ280φ320×50×φ280φ320×50×φ280φ320×50×φ280φ320×50×φ280
Bolster Thicknessmm170170200180200
Bolster Opening (Dia./FB×LR)mm370×570440×580440×580440×580440×580
Slide Area (FB×LR)mm650×850650×850700×950690×900720×1000
Shank Hole (Dia.×Dpth)mmφ70×90φ70×90φ70×90φ70×90φ70×90
Between Columnsmm960920920960960
Main Motor PowerkW2230303737
Outline Size (FB×LR×H)mm2770×1700×40602770×1650×35502850×1700×44502830×1680×38903100×1900×4600
Net Weightkg2450025000280002950034000
Main Components of J23 Power Press Machine
Ram and punch head
Fly Wheel
Copper Sleeve
working table
Working key
Brake Belt
Press Footpedal
Electric Box
Die Height Ruler
Control button
Connecting rod
Power press lamp
Application Industries

Stamping production is mainly for sheet metal. Through the mold, can make drop, punch, molding, deep, dressing, finishing, shaping, riveting and extrusion parts, etc. , widely used in various fields. Such as our switch sockets, cups, cupboards, dishes, computer chassis, and even missile aircraft… There are a lot of accessories that can be produced by mold using punches.

Quality Control

InRyant CNC Tech meets the demands of customers for high-quality products with a strict quality control system.
Our factory has advanced test equipment and a team of excellent mechanical engineers.
We also ensure the stability and traceability of the spare parts, so as to get excellent products with superior quality.
Through strict quality management, the factory controls potential quality risk from the beginning to the finishing of machines.

Packaging and shipment

1.Anti-collision package edge: All parts of the machine are covered with some soft materials, mainly the use of pearl wool
2.Fumigation wooden box: Our wooden box is fumigated, do not need to check the wood, saving the transport time.
3.Whole film packaging the machine: Avoid all damage that may occur during the delivery. Then we will cover the machine with plastic film tightly to avoid water and rust. The outermost is a wooden box with a fixed template.


Q: There are so many machine types, which one should I choose?

A: Please communicate with us via inquiry or email, we can guide you.

Q: This is my first time buying your machine; I have no ideas about your machine’s quality?

A: Each machine is strictly produced based on standard certifications. We are confident to tell customers that there is no need to worry about our quality. Welcome you visit our factory anytime

Q: When I got this machine, but I don’t know how to use it. What should I do?

A: There are video and English manuals with the machine. If you still have any doubts, we can talk by telephone. we supply 24 hours online service.

Q: If some problems happen to this machine during the warranty period, what should I do?

A: We will supply free parts during the machine warranty period if the machine has some problems. While we also supply free life long after-sales service.

Q: Machine delivery time?

A: Within 20-30 working days after get your payment.

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