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YQ32 Series Powder forming hydraulic press

  • Stable operation and fast speed
  • Corrosion protection and Quality control
  • Automatic feeding

YQ32 Series Powder forming hydraulic press is characterized by stable operation and fast speed, which can reach a single cycle of 15 seconds, and the accessories used by the machine can be more resistant to corrosion. It is suitable for mass production.
Machines Capacity: 100t – 800t

YQ32 Series Powder forming hydraulic press machine features

1.Mainframe material: use steel #Q345B to structure the main body of the machine instead of common material steel#Q235 in the market. Body Toughness increase 1.5 times than normal machine in the market.

2.Corrosion protection: Considering the corrosive nature of salt, the hopper and loading system is made of 304 stainless steel.

3.Automatic feeding: There is a sensor in the hopper of the loading system, when there is no enough salt, the system will the start screw feeder.

4.Quality control: The device is equipped with a pressure alarm device. When the machine is pressed to the predetermined position and the pressure is not reached, the device will give an alarm to remind the operator to check the density of the product.

5.Servo System:
a.Energy saving: use servo motor, pump, for the hydraulic press to reach the energy-saving target. Energy-saving reach 40%-70%, save a lot of money on power rate for the buyer in future’s long time using.

b.Unstable voltage input adaptation: Rated voltage: Three-phase 380-480V 50Hz/60Hz, Allowable voltage fluctuation range 323-528V 50Hz/60Hz. Perfect working in an area/situation which can’t provide stable power.

c.Fast Speed & High Accuracy: pressure raise to 20Mpa response time 50ms, pressure relief time 60ms, entire machine output speed increase around 10%. Pressure accuracy +-0.5kgf, highly reduce the failure rate in production and improves product quality.

d.Long using life: Slow overheat, lower noise. Slow overheat the motor and hydraulic oil for a long time using, protect the ware parts like seals. Prolong the entire machine’s using life.

e.Easy maintains: considering the servo system programmer is rare to be found, maintains may be hard for the customer so we replace the servo computer instead of PLC which are common to use in the machine, make the customer can easy maintain the machine in Local.

YQ32 Series Powder forming hydraulic press Technical Specification
NameNominal force(KN)Knockout force(KN)Daylight (mm)Slide stroke(mm)Knockout cylinder stroke (mm)Speed of slide (mm/s)Table area(mm/s)Table height above floor(mm)Overall Dimensions(mm)Total Power(KW)
Main Components of Y71 Series Composite SMC hydraulic press
Siemens HMI
Siemens PLC
YASKAWA Servo Driver
Servo Motor
Safety Valve
Oil level
Oil temperature Warning
electrical part
High-quality Shaft Coupling
Safety blocks
Lock nuts
Electromagnetic Valve – Solenoid Valves
Application Industries

This machine is mainly suitable for slat block forming; the equipment has good system rigidity and high precision, high life and high reliability. The process for hot press forming meets 3 shifts/day production.

Quality Control

InRyant CNC Tech meets the demands of customers for high-quality products with a strict quality control system.
Our factory has advanced test equipment and a team of excellent mechanical engineers.
We also ensure the stability and traceability of the spare parts, so as to get excellent products with superior quality.
Through strict quality management, the factory controls potential quality risk from the beginning to the finishing of machines.

Packaging and shipment

1.Anti-collision package edge: All parts of the machine are covered with some soft materials, mainly the use of pearl wool
2.Fumigation wooden box: Our wooden box is fumigated, do not need to check the wood, saving the transport time.
3.Whole film packaging the machine: Avoid all damage that may occur during the delivery. Then we will cover the machine with plastic film tightly to avoid water and rust. The outermost is a wooden box with a fixed template.


Q: There are so many machine types, which one should I choose?

A: Please communicate with us via inquiry or email, we can guide you.

Q: This is my first time buying your machine; I have no ideas about your machine’s quality?

A: Each machine is strictly produced based on standard certifications. We are confident to tell customers that there is no need to worry about our quality. Welcome you visit our factory anytime

Q: When I got this machine, but I don’t know how to use it. What should I do?

A: There are video and English manuals with the machine. If you still have any doubts, we can talk by telephone. we supply 24 hours online service.

Q: If some problems happen to this machine during the warranty period, what should I do?

A: We will supply free parts during the machine warranty period if the machine has some problems. While we also supply free life long after-sales service.

Q: Machine delivery time?

A: Within 20-30 working days after get your payment.

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