How hydraulic shearing machine works?

I. Working principle and classification of shearing machine

(1) The shearing machine is widely used for the direct shearing of various metal materials according to different needs. Mainly used in steel manufacturing, shipbuilding, automobile, container manufacturing, switchgear, machinery manufacturing, etc. And light industry.

(2) The shearing machine is driven by the hydraulic system to press and compress the steel plate, and the left and right cylinders drive the knife holder to move up and down. The upper blade on the knife holder is fixed to the blade of the lower and lower knife holder, using reasonable blade gaps and various thicknesses. The metal plate is subjected to shearing force to break the metal plate into the required size.

(3) Shears can be divided into mechanical shears and hydraulic shears according to their structure. Due to the high energy consumption and noise exceeding the standard of mechanical shears, hydraulic shears are the most common ones. According to the trajectory of the tool post, hydraulic shears can be divided into hydraulic swing beam shears and hydraulic guillotine shears.

II. The main structure and function of the shearing machine.

Estun E21S Controller for Hydraulic Cutter
  • HD LCD display, with both Chinese and English language options, display programming parameters, faster and more convenient programming
  • Backgauge Control: Smart positioning, can also be manually adjusted as needed to remove the mechanical hand positioning device.
  • Cut Stroke: Built-shearing time relay, simple operation, cost savings
  • Shear angle: Built shear angle adjustment function, eliminating the angle indicators and buttons
  • Blade gap: encoder feedback, time display blade gap size, simple operation
  • Having a key parameter backup and restore functionality, you can always restore the parameters as required, reducing maintenance costs
  • All keys on the panel are micro-switches, through EMC, high temperature, vibration, and another rigorous testing to ensure product stability and service life.
  • CE certified to meet the needs of overseas markets.
Siemens Motor

From the German brand Siemens motors improve the life of the sheet metal bending machine, and the press brake machine operates in a low noise environment.

Sunny Pump

The oil pump adopts a (USA SUNNY) gear pump, which can withstand high pressure and low noise.

Hydraulic Oil Cylinder

lt is recommended to use antiwear hydraulic oil ISO VG46#(the average value of viscosity is 46mm2/s).

Hydraulic Valve Bank

Hydraulic system (Bosch Rexroth) slider can achieve rapid decline, slow down the speed of bending work, and quick return upward, downward and the like during the operation stop of the slider.

Powerful hydraulic material hold-downs

Built-in spring pressure cylinder, the lower end is equipped with a special material gasket to control the pressure separately to avoid embossing aluminum alloy or other soft materials.

Alloy steel cutting blades

The blades of the shearing machine are made from Alloy material(42CrMo), and the hardness can reach 42 degrees to ensure the service life of the toolings.

Press Brake Electrical System

The power supply of the CNC bending machine adopts a three-phase AC 50HZ380V power supply. After the AC voltage is output from the internal transformer of the system, it can be directly used for the operation of the main motor, and can also be used for the rear gear servo and equipment lighting. The other group forms two groups of DC 24V after rectification, one group is used by CNC controller, and the other group is used by control loop.

Grating scale close-looped device

Imported internationally renowned flat brand electro-hydraulic servo valve and grating ruler constitute a closed-loop control mode

Front support arms

The front arms with a ruler can ensure cutting accuracy and easy operation. Practical and effective.

Support table

Support table with roller bearings can reduce friction, protect the workpiece surface; the delicate design is convenient for cutting petty materials by hand.

Ball Screw and linear guide

The backgauge is positioned by a precision ball screw and supported by a high-precision linear guide

Hydraulic shear oil Seal Ring

The sealing ring is selected from NOK or the same level, which has good sealing performance, reliable work and long life.