Talking about the purpose of the CNC gantry slotting machine?

The CNC gantry opener is suitable for industries that require high-precision processing of plates, such as electric horizontal, arrow material, stainless steel processing, household appliances, and prop display. It is designed and manufactured according to the specific needs of the middle and high-end decoration industry, elevator manufacturing and other industries. It can perform V-shaped grooves on stainless steel sheets, iron plates, copper plates and other materials. The equipment is equipped with certain specific accessories. It can also perform work such as grinding, polishing, and wire drawing on thin metal sheets and profiles.
Some specific workpieces cannot be bent into shape on the folding machine, or the product needs to be completed with a complex mold of undetermined design. However, the depth of the V-grooving of Jinji thin sheet material is controlled by the CNC gantry slotting machine. This particular type of bending material can be bent on an ordinary bending machine with a general mold. The specific method is to control the remaining thickness of the V-groove in the subsequent bending process to about 0.3 mm, so The rebound angle of this bending process is very small, and the rectangular tube will not rebound and deform after being formed.
Positioning the length of the bent side before the product is folded. The V-shaped wound of the thin metal sheet can be used to pre-position the length of the bent side before bending, and then mark it in advance on the bending machine. This can ensure the accuracy of the length of the bending edge and can replace the back gauge function of the CNC bending machine. Of course, the premise is that the positioning accuracy of the CNC gantry slotting machine must reach ±0.05 mm.